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Peter Ellenshaw, whose artistic career spanned more than seven decades, was considered the premier seascape and landscape artist of his generation. He worked with many acclaimed filmmakers including Walt Disney. He was an Academy AwardŽ winning special effects artist, a motion picture production designer, a concept illustrator and an official 'Disney Legend.'  more >>

Harrison Ellenshaw (To visit Harrison's personal website go to www.harrisonellenshaw.com) joined Walt Disney Studios as a matte artist; then worked on paintings for Star Wars and oversaw the matte department on The Empire Strikes Back at George Lucas' premier effects facility, ILM. Later, upon his return to Disney for Dick Tracy, Harrison headed Disney Studios' effects facility: Buena Vista Visual Effects. He is the recipient of the Art Directors Guild of America Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also been nominated for an effects Academy Award® along with his father, Peter Ellenshaw, for The Black Hole.  more >>

Michael C. Ellenshaw's mixed media artwork has gained attention for its very spirited and unique design. Michael is also leader of the band MCE. His music is available at facebook.com, reverbnation.com and soundcloud.com.  more >>

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