The Art of Peter Ellenshaw
Artist's View
Painted by Peter Ellenshaw
18 x 36" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 350 giclées with 28 proofs
"This is the view from my home, and it is a view that gives me pleasure every day. My dear wife, Bobbie, and I built this house many years ago. After a few years though we sold it and moved away. But I missed it and when it came back up for sale five years ago I jumped at the opportunity and bought it back. This painting is a celebration of being able to come home again."
— Peter Ellenshaw
Peter first moved to Santa Barbara in 1967 at the suggestion of family friends, Fess and Marcella Parker. Being an artist he has always lived in a house with a view, but this one is very special. It was designed with a large studio and built by the Ellenshaws after their return from Ireland. Peter still lives and paints in this home today.