The Art of Peter Ellenshaw
Desert Reflections
Painted by Peter Ellenshaw
24 x 48" giclée on canvas
Limited Edition of 95 giclées with 15 proofs
"Naturally, I was going to give Walt the first painting, but my wife, Bobbie, claimed it, so Walt got the second one... even Walt Disney was second to Bobbie."
— Peter Ellenshaw
Since 1948, Walt and Lillian Disney had vacationed often at their home in Smoke Tree Ranch near Palm Springs. In the 1960s Walt Disney asked Peter if he had ever painted the desert, to which Peter replied that the desert did not attract him... it was just dry sand. Walt was well aware of the riches of the desert (Disney's True Life Adventure "The Living Desert" having won an Academy Award for best documentary in 1953). Peter went for a visit and soon understood that there was a lot more there than "just dry sand" and thus, began a new interest. This painting is the first painting that Ellenshaw did of the desert that he gave to his wife, Bobbie. But, as a thank you, Peter gave Walt his second painting which remains with the Disney family today.